Imagine being a NASA engineer, tasked with making an urgent ISS repair, minus the perilous spacewalk.
Imagine being able to perform dangerous maintenance tasks of oil and gas platforms, drilling, and others; minus the dangerous part, by utilizing a real-time responsive robotic arm.

Imagine having sign language instantly interpreted by AI, helping achieve better inclusion with the hearing impaired.
Imagine eliminating the need for touch pads, remotes, cursors and other similar HIDs.

Now imagine doing it all with just a flick of the wrist.
This is what the future looks like with the Omniband. The possibilities are endless. We built it to re-shape the future, enhance freedom and safety, and to redefine the way we interact with machines.


With Omniband the future becomes a reality within grasp. Here are some applications for the device, but this is just the beginning.
The possibilities are countless. You name it.

The Omniband

Omniband is a wristband full of potential, just like our own human hands. By utilizing a material known as Velostat, to make contact with the skin at strategic points in the wrist, full gesture detection of the fingers is made possible in real-time.

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This is the future with the Omniband.

The possibilities are endless. We built it to give you freedom.


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