Omniband: From Concept to Product

Omniband is a wristband full of potential, just like our own human hands. By utilizing a material known as Velostat, to make contact with the skin at strategic points in the wrist, full gesture detection of the fingers is made possible in real-time. The device operates through the latest Invensense 9 Axis Motion Sensor Chip, in order to capture the rotation and orientation of the user's wrist.

Omniband is not limited to one market since it offers various applications, which means it can and should be further developed according to the necessities of the enterprise that purchases a license. The possibilities for its use are numerous. Via Bluetooth, BluetoothLE or Wi-Fi, it can be paired with any technology, such as desktop computers, videogames, smart TVs, robotics, prosthetics etc. Omniband allows humans to be in control.

There is nothing like this being produced. This powerful idea is only waiting to be undertaken by research teams that can guide Omniband to new horizons.

This is the future with the Omniband.

The possibilities are endless. We built it to give you freedom.


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