Our Team

There are three main brains making Omniband a reality: Jesse Gashler, with his inquisitive mind and hands-on approach, is the creator behind the gadget; Pedro Ziese is the one with the business skills to run the company and organize daily affairs; and Alexis Cavichini is an investor who also brought in his entrepreneurial knowledge. In collaboration, the three partners intend to expand the business, so that Omniband can be a part of everyone’s lives.

Companies can improve Omniband for their own needs and applications, making life – and business – simpler and better.

Jesse Gashler
The Brain Behind The Hand

> Inquisitive mind and hands-on approach
> Background in advanced math and programming, with a degree specializing in industrial motion control.

Pedro Ziese
The Visionary Businessman

> Business major at Tiffin University in Ohio
> Management skills

Alexis Cavichini
The Insightful Investor

> Real estate attorney and entrepreneur
> Prototype investor

This is the future with the Omniband.

The possibilities are endless. We built it to give you freedom.


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